Personal Growth Consultancy

I will motivate and inspire you to become the best version of yourself

Private Consultancy Sessions with Helena

Consultancy sessions with Helena are a great opportunity to invest in true personal growth. Through the sessions, you will become more aware of your own inner-self, and become more equipped with tools to understand yourself, change your attitude, increase your self-worth and self-esteem, manage your thoughts and feelings, improve your professional skills, and connect with your higher consciousness. 

You will also learn more about the social dynamics in your environment, become more motivated to achieve what you want and realize your dreams, and you will learn how to live a serene, healthy, happy and balanced life.

Consultancy sessions include theories of psychology, spiritual psychology, and entail coaching, motivating, inspiring, and empowering you into becoming the best version of yourself.

These sessions are not healing therapy sessions, as they do not cater to those seeking counseling for depression, grief, trauma, abuse, eating disorders, personality disorders, parenting tools, marriage therapy or addiction.




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What Participants Are Saying

“I have known Helena for a while now and I used to do counseling with her on a regular basis to deal with some issues I faced in life and she was great and very helpful, however I recently completed a development course with her and she truly changed my life to the better for sure...she opened my eyes to so many things that I didn’t know even existed...I have learned, developed and became a better version of myself thanks to Helena and her well structured, well designed and seamless approach. Really thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Helena, and I truly wish you all the best. God bless you always inshallah”
Mutaz Alhaj
"Helena has changed my life. I have been taking courses and sessions with her for the past 2 years, and every time I meet her, she contributes to a great change in my life. Through the Personal Growth Consultancy sessions, she helped me identify my true value, who I am, what my purpose in life is, and how I should live my life as a free soul. What makes her exceptional is that she never treated me as a client, rather, she considered me as her soul peer.  Everything she mentored me about has elevated my values, my personality, my relationships, and my professional career. She has released me from the fear and guilt cage and made me fly high for the first time in my life. What I learned from her is everlasting, and will never fade away because she polished my foundations, not my feelings, not my thoughts. I highly recommend Helena’s Personal Growth Consultancy sessions for every person who is looking for a positive dramatic change in life."
Hani E. Farah, CMA, CSCA
"Helena Sayegh’s Personal Growth Consultancy sessions is a revolutionary program to enhance your wellbeing and give you the tools to create the best version of you. It has fundamentally transformed my life. I cannot express enough the power of this course to change your life and make you discover your true potential, to find peace and joy within, to find a new perspective on life, to understand the self and the world around you. Helena’s professional and compassionate approach makes every session invigorating, exciting and eye opening."
Tatyana Aceeva
"I have joined the Personal Growth Consultancy Sessions in January, I have become a better version of myself, being able to understand the real meaning of life, energy, and self-consciousness. The program was able to support me in becoming more successful in relationships with people and myself, better leader, and a wiser father."
"I follow Helena on Facebook and I find her videos very useful and applicable. I searched more and found out about this opportunity so I joined the course expecting the same, but I received an extremely valuable course, the materials discussed, the topics covered and the delivery was exceptional. The sessions were pointing me towards new horizons of self consciousness, as if it is designed for me! I am on the right track now, thank you Helena, you changed my life."
Amal Azem
"What a beautiful program with such an amazing teacher. This program is designed to shift your consciousness into a new realm, if you are a free spirit looking to deepen your inner connection, understand yourself from within and understand the laws that govern this universe, then this program is definitely for you. Thank you Helena ❤️"
Salah Amireh
Founder of Soul Star Retreats
"When I joined Helena Sayegh's "Personal Growth Consultancy Sessions", I had no idea what I would face in these sessions; nonetheless, the decision to register was easy to make, as I had tremendous confidence in Helena's profound knowledge of human behaviour and social counselling skills and I was convinced that this was the time, if I truly wanted to become a better version of myself. I was thrilled with what I found in these sessions, the hour and a half of each session went by so quickly that I wished each session could extend further to cover my entire day or even my entire week. I realized that we spend our lives trying to learn about everything and forget to concentrate on the closest subject to us; the inner mysteries of our inner selves, the conscious and unconscious minds and even more, the collective unconscious mind. The personal growth sessions with Helena took me to all those places and more. From my inner self to my architypes, to the collective unconscious mind and much importantly to the ALL; revealing love, inspiration, forgiveness, trust, hope and innocence that were buried under layers of sediments of fears, uncertainties, frustrations formed through the years by hardships of our daily, fast and shallow lives. The sessions concluded on two diverging paths. Either I proceed with research and discipline to apply the knowledge I acquired from Helena during these sessions and indulge in life and its enormous secrets or take the road more travelled and return to my fast everyday life and get lost in futility."
Roupina Jambazian



Finding you passion, setting your goals, living your dreams, changing your lifestyle, following daily rituals, and other similar areas


Leadership, professional success, managing work stress, time management skills, communication skills, professional body language, and other similar areas


Living with peace, psychological comfort, daily balance, high self-esteem, high self-worth, high self-love, raising your standards, and other similar areas


Becoming aware of low vibration thoughts of doubt, jealousy, hopelessness, helplessness, comparison,  learning thought management tools,  acquiring high vibrational thoughts, and other similar areas


Becoming aware of low vibration emotions like fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, learning venting tools, process of unwanted emotions, neutralizing emotions, acquiring high vibration emotions, and other similar areas

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Managing self in social relationships, setting boundaries with others, understanding the types of social relationships and characters to have in your life, building healthy relationships, managing toxic relationships, and other similar areas


Learning to meditate and visualize, the art of silence, deep breathing tools, the concept of surrender, acceptance, letting go, creating personal affirmations, true faith and trust, and other similar areas


Passion, law of attraction, abundance, opulence, the art of allowing, managing your subconscious mind, changing paradigms, and other similar areas

"When you invest in your own personal growth, you are stepping into your true greatness. This is the best gift you can give yourself as it is driven from deep self-love."

Helena Sayegh


Consultancy sessions include areas of life that entail growth and development and do not include areas of life that entail healing.

Areas that can be covered:

1- Personal: Finding you passion – setting your goals – living your dreams – changing your lifestyle – following daily rituals and other similar areas.

2- Professional: Leadership – professional success -managing work stress- time management skills- communication skills – professional body language and other similar areas.

3-Psychological: Living with peace, psychological comfort – daily balance – high self-esteem – high self-worth – high self-love – raising your standards and other similar areas.

4- Mental: Becoming aware of low vibrational thoughts of doubt, jealousy, hopelessness, helplessness, comparison – learning thought management tools- acquiring high vibrational thoughts and other similar areas.

5- Emotional: Becoming aware of low vibration emotions like fear, anger, frustration, disappointment, learning venting tools, process of unwanted emotions, neutralizing emotions, acquiring high vibration emotions and other similar areas.

6- Social: Managing self in social relationships- setting boundaries with others, understanding the types of social relationships and characters to have in your life, building healthy relationships, managing toxic relationships and other similar areas.

7- Spiritual: Learning to meditate – visualize – the art of silence – deep breathing tools- the concept of surrender – acceptance – letting go – creating personal affirmations – true faith and Trust and other similar areas.

8- Motivational: Passion – law of attraction – abundance – opulence – the art of allowing – managing subconscious mind- changing paradigms and other similar areas

Depression/Anxiety /Parenting /OCD/Trauma/Personality disorders/Abuse/ Marriage Therapy/Eating Disorders/Addictions/Grief/Other similar areas

To apply, please fill out the application form. Helena will then contact you to schedule a 30-minute discovery call if she believes that this program is right for you.

Six sessions is the minimum number of sessions, and more work can be done to reach the desired outcome.

Sessions are held on a weekly basis, with the frequency of one session per week.

Duration of sessions is one-and-a-half hours each, or two hours each.

Sessions can be held for 6 or 12 weeks (one and a half month or three months).

These sessions are NOT for those who are seeking regular counseling sessions for depression, trauma, abuse, grief, personality disorders, eating disorders, parenting tools, marriage therapy, addictions and other similar areas.

They are also NOT suitable for anyone younger than 25 or older than 65 years of age.

Sessions are held in both Arabic and English

The sessions are held on Zoom

Payment Policy
For six total sessions:
50% of the total amount is settled prior to the 1st session, and the remaining 50% of the total amount is settled prior to the 4th session.

For twelve total sessions:
50% of the total amount is settled prior to the 1st session, and the remaining 50% of the total amount is settled prior to the 6th session.

Cancelation Policy
24-hour cancelation prior to the session is required, otherwise sessions are charged.

Payments can be settled by:

  • Bank Wire Transfer 
  • PayPal 
  • Credit Card payment through PayPal
  • Cash Drop-off (Jordan only)