Start date

August 25 2021

End date

September 6 2021

6 Sessions

2 Hour Training

6 Training

Live Online
on Zoom with Helena

Who is
this training Workshop for?

Workshop Details

You will be introduced to the program and to the other participants. You will be divided into smaller groups, if needed, to get a more personalized experience.

In-depth information on self-awareness will be introduced, along with the first  workbook.

Numerous tasks will be provided on self-awareness and understanding, by completing the first workbook.

You will learn about values, mission, and vision statements. You will be guided to uncover your own vision and mission statements.

You will learn about your general attitude as a counselor and your personality traits, as well as ways to develop these traits.

You will learn about empathy, sympathy, and acts of service.

Tasks will be given for the week by studying and completing the second workbook.

You will learn how to setup your counseling office, different types of forms to use for different clients, managing your calendar, appointments, breaks, session management, choice of cases, referral system, setting boundaries, managing the attachment of a client, creating policies and procedures for various matters (such as cancelations & gifts), managing social media, social life, and other related matters.

Tasks will be provided for the week by studying and completing the third workbook.

You will learn how to prepare for, start, and manage the session, and create harmony with your client.

Tools will be provided on how, when, and what to analyze in your client, as well as taking charge during the session.

You will also learn how to manage your own body language and emotions during the session, and understand your client’s body language, direct and indirect cues and other matters related to the session analysis.

A case-study will be introduced and tasks for case analysis will be provided by studying and completing the forth booklet.

You will learn how to manage tough sessions & difficult clients, set boundaries, draw the line, and understand how to manage and balance your energy.

You will also be introduced to techniques on how to be mentally-involved yet emotionally-detached. 

You will learn about the process of referral when you cannot manage a tough case.

In addition, a case-study will be worked on by applying these tools.

More tasks will be provided by studying and completing the fifth workbook.

You will learn about the importance of self-care as a counselor in the field of service.

You will be provided with valuable self-care techniques related to morning rituals, evening rituals, eating and sleeping rituals, as well as social habits, familial habits, physical habits, and spiritual habits.

You will be given tools for practicing self-love, managing mistakes, handling internal trauma, and being a role model.

You will receive a certificate of completion by email.

You will also get

Certificate of Completion

Case Studies & analysis

Private facebook group FOr Workshop PArticipants

Community Support for counselors

Ongoing communication & Support from Helena during and after the workshop