About Me

I am a counselor with over 28 years of experience

I am a counselor and a trainer with over 28 years of experience in Jordan, Dubai, Kuwait, Egypt, Syria and Palestine. I am a consultant in areas of conscious parenting, anxiety disorders, managing during time of crisis, mindfulness, happiness, neuroplasticity, classroom management, bully-free schooling and high school stress management. I work with numerous schools, organizations, corporations, municipalities, banks and institutions. I earned my BSc. in Social Welfare in 1989 from the University of Wisconsin, USA, and I am constantly receiving training in the latest scientific breakthroughs in my field of work.

I specialized in one-to-one counseling and I am a consultant, lecturer and trainer in various fields such as:

Professional Objective

My aim is to help people help themselves through getting to know oneself and reaching inner balance, along with finding internal and external harmony while learning to accept the different aspects of one’s life and having the wisdom and courage to change what can be changed.

Life Mission

To live a life of surrender and love, through service and compassion, to help people find their balance and to spread the word of goodness