Balance of the Mind, Body, and Soul

My life mission is to live a life of surrender & love, through service & compassion, to help people find their balance and spread the word of goodness.

Helena Sayegh

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Workshops or Webinars on various topics suited to the company or organization’s needs.

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Workshops or Webinars for families and private groups on a chosen topic from a variety of options.

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My Philosophy

I believe in finding personal balance by getting to know oneself, reaching the inner-self and learning to accept the different aspects of one’s life while having the wisdom & courage to change what can be changed.
I am continuously seeking to find balance of the mind, body, and soul to reach happiness, serenity, and peace of mind.

Helena Sayegh


I met Helena as a guest on my TV show, and I remember the moment she left the studio everyone was astonished by every word she had to say on the show and by her amazing aura that filled the studio. Ever since, every time I met Helena positivity would take over me immediately. I always recommend her as a Counselor and Psychologist to anyone around me. Not only that her experience and knowledge are life changing, but most of all, her attitude and approach to any issue are unbelievably soothing and uplifting. Helena is a valuable rare find in today’s world.

Lorena Copty

TV Presenter & PR Specialist

هيلينا الصايغ نموذج للمرأة الأردنية المثقفة المتعلمة دوماً والباحثة الدائمة، الملهمة، القادرة على تجاوز العقبات وتحويل التحديات إلى فرص، تمتلك خبرة طويلة وغنية في مجال عملها، تعمل بشغف كبير، وتبحث دوماً عن الامتياز.

تسعى إلى بث الأمل والفرح في نفوس الجميع ولا سيما الأطفال والمراهقين، لأنها تؤمن بأن نشأة سوية للأطفال تمنحهم القوة والثقة في شبابهم. تكرس خبرتها ومعرفتها من أجل تقديم الدعم لكل من يحتاجه، تصغي بكليتها وتبتعد عن إصدار الأحكام، لأنها تهدف إلى مساعدة الإنسان على رؤية الأشياء من زوايا مختلفة. تدرك أن للعمل في مجال الإرشاد أثراً كبيراً في عافية الطفل والأسرة معاً، الأمر الذي يؤثر إيجابياً على المجتمع برمته في جميع مناحي الحياة.

تؤمن الصايغ أن المدرسة ليست مكاناً للتعليم فحسب، بل هي مجال حي للتفاعل والتلاقي والجدل والحوار والحلم والخيال من أجل تحقيق عافية الطفل وسعادته. كما تعي أن البيئة الآمنة الصحية هي التربة الخصبة التي تستفز إبداع الطفل وقدراته من أجل أن يصمم مستقبله كما يود ويشتهي، وبالتالي يكون فاعلاً ومنتجاً وقادراً على صنع مستقبل مشرق لوطنه ومجتمعه. وأخيراً تؤمن الصايغ أن الأردن سيظل مصدراً للضوء، وأنه وطن معطاء يستحق من الجميع العمل بكامل طاقتهم، وأن مستقبل الأردنيات والأردنيين يبشر بالخير.

هيفاء نجار

عضو مجلس الأعيان الأردني
المديرة العامة لمدرستي الأهلية للبنات والمطران للبنين

People like Helena come in limited editions, and if you are lucky enough your life’s path will cross with hers.
What individualizes Helena is not only how well versed she is in her profession, but also her passion, perseverance and authenticity. Her knowledge is up-to-date and always backed by science and years of experience.
I have known Helena for more than 10 years now and through out the years she’s always been true to her life’s purpose, she is a women who walks the talk.

Dina AbuLaban

Communication & Marketing Professional, Co-founder Nabd Communication Consultancy

هيلينا بتعبر عن الرقي الذهني والعاطفي والروحي. يعني لديها حس راقي جدا في التعامل مع النفس الإنسانية، بالإضافة إلى خبرة ضخمة على مدى السنين تجمع فيها العلاج السيكولوجي والروحي كسواء. أضف إلى ذلك الرسالة الواضحة التي تحركها والتي تتجلى من أساس الخدمة

إيهاب حمارنة

معلم وعي ومؤسس رسالة كن أنت

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the renowned counsellor Helena Sayegh.  Our paths have crossed on a number of occasion at CIIN, and Helena’s wealth of knowledge and social skills when communicating with our community, has made her a true resource.  Whether Helena is speaking to our book club readers on women empowerment or tackling the delicate issues associated with premenopause during our 40+ event and even exploring the intriguing world of neuroplasticity, it is always with passion, wisdom and great kindness.

We at CIIN rely on Helena’s expert insight not just in tackling sensitive subjects, but also on identifying which topics to broach, that will resonate with our followers.  It is her wide scope of specializations, in addition to her natural instinct to read people that makes her a valuable and unique member of our network. 

Suhad Shtayyed

Founder of CIIN Magazine

Helena is an amazing speaker and a great friend. With her massive knowledge and understanding in the human development and psychology, Helena is able to change the lives of many. I have witnessed her work firsthand through working side by side with her and in our conversations which I always leave with a deeper understanding of myself and my existence. Thank you for all the light you bring to the world.

Sara Abiqwa

Women Self-Empowerment Coach

Thank you Helena. I have told you that countless times, but no matter how many times I repeat that phrase, it won’t feel like enough. It won’t be enough. It won’t be enough because it may sound like an exaggeration to some, but you’ll know it’s true: you saved my life.
Listening to you and watching you talk is just so mind clearing and interesting. I’ve never seen someone so professional, yet genuine, someone so serious, yet adorably cute with your little girl giggles, someone so smart and intellectual but able to pass over the thoughts in their mind in such a simple understandable manner. You ARE one of a kind! I’m sure your beautiful face, pure intentions, warm voice and genuine effort surely saved many people. You were the exception to the strict rules of my life, before you taught me to let my guard down and open up, not just to you, but the world as well. Your passion, grace and empathetic nature exudes through every word you say. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to others. You will always be my angel in disguise. I am blessed to have found you!

Reem Khalifeh


Helena is one of the best Jordanian renowned expertise in the field of human development, family, life skills, trauma counceling and training. I had the honor to work with Helena at Queen Rania Teacher  Academy’s “State of the Art” seminars, where she presented motivational and mind-opening topics to educators. I had also the privilege to work with her at the Teacher Skills Forum where I had seen educators from around the world stand in queues to attend Helena’s sessions. Helena also presented live sessions at Queen Rania Foundation Parenting Education Program’s Facebook page where she inspires and arms parents with life long parenting knowledge and skills. What astonishes me is her high ability to stay committed, passionate towards making peoples’ lives better with diligent professionalism.
On a personal level, attending some of Helena’s trainings and seminars has inspired me in my career development and as a mother, to dream big, heal past memories, stay motivated, positive and focused on my abundant blessings whilst learning from my shortcomings

Shireen Faraj

Research and Program Development Specialist at QRF

هيلينا متحدثة رائعة ومتميزة، بتقدر توصل رسالتها بسهولة وعفوية، بسبب أسلوبها الرائع على المسرح ( كمتحدثة أو مدربة) وبكلماتها السحرية الجمهور بكون ما عندوا حل الا انه يركز ويستمع لكل كلمة بتحكيها

حب وعطاء هيلينا ما اله محدود وأسلوبها وطريقتها ما هي الا ترجمة حرفية لرسالتها و شغفها بالحياة وهي حب العطاء بكل صدق واخلاص

صلاح عميرة

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